Experience More Than A Century

Atalay, which has been founded in 1890, is the first and most established companies of Turkish Industrial Kitchen Industry. Atalay, used to produce mainly tray, bowl and pot, which are used in our houses as “antique”, processed with copper mine, has made, when came to seventies, with start of functioning aluminum materials, had manufactured trays, pots and mess kits and realized marketing these to all over Turkey during early years of foundation. In the same years it met Turkish Armed Force’s needs including kitchenware and flasks by 90% thus had great benefits for the development of our country.

Today Atalay has manufacturing and sales activities mainly in three major groups in addition to stainless steel production started in 80s.
- Set-top auxiliary equipment; pots, pans, carrying trays and other products.
- Stainless steel countertops, cabinets sink work benches.
- Cooking and cooling equipment.
Its two stores in Istanbul and manufacturing plant in Çorlu, Atalay today serves Turkish Industrial Kitchen Sector and delivers its products with a network of 100 dealers in the country to end-users.
Abroad, however, it realizes studies attaining up to Far-East countries and delivers its products with project studies realized in a concentrated manner mainly in Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Russia, Turkic Republics, United States and Canada and started to become a Globalized Institution of its sector.
In this context, on the way of realizing targets, has concentrated investments on research and development studies and aimed to be the leader and arbiter, as has been adopted from its foundation, in potentially rapidly growing the Industrial Kitchen Sector.

Our firm combining its centennial experience with third generation’s energy on the way to reach its targets, shall never compromise its Quality, Customer Satisfaction, the Principle of having a voice in the industry out of the country.

Best Regards,